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Thirteen years ago, I was diagnosed with Very High Triglycerides.


Less 150 Normal
Between 150 – 200 Borderline
Between 200 – 500 High
Greater than 500 Very High

My number was 508. It was in the Very High-Risk category. Risk for what?

My research told me I was at risk for heart attack (I was 55 at the time, the same age my father has his first heart attack.) Or stroke. Or pancreatitis. Nothing I wanted.

I researched things like, “Can a heart attack or stroke be prevented?”

Your grandmother and mine, made decisions based on sage advice, simple things like:

“an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.”

“…a stitch in time, saves nine…”

The scientific value of that advice holds true today and will hold true 1,000 years from now, no matter what really cool apps I wear on my wristband.

Prevention will still be much, much easier than cure. It matters not what the government mandates, common sense will still rule the planet in the long run.

So, the next question is do I need medication to solve this or can I make the needed changes through lifestyle or nutrition?

All my life, I’ve had a basic distrust of the medical system. I know doctors are great people and they study long and hard to attain their rank in society. But today’s doctors, while smart and hardworking seem to have their ladder joined to an industry fraught with governmental / industrial corruption.

We, as a nation are the most medicated people on earth. But what are these medications trying to do? They are not curing disease they are attempting to reduce symptoms.  Reduce pain? And we get an opioid crisis…

From a skeptic’s point of view, we cannot call our “health care system” health care at all! It’s sick care.

You keep having to come back for more and more medications because the first prescription doesn’t fix you.

Or you suffer side effects from the medications that create additional symptoms that need to be treated. It’s happens all too often. A person is placed on a medication that’s needs monitoring to make sure it’s not “too damaging” to your liver. Within a few years, the number of prescriptions has gone up from a single medicine to as many as nine or ten or more. And then we find ourselves with more unexplained symptoms. So many in fact, you must make a list to remember them all when you go to see the doctor.

If a cure is found, what happens? It’s licensed, and the price is beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. Then you can only access it via having the right insurance plan which also comes with a steep price called premiums and deductibles.

However, cures are not on the table at all. Have you ever seen a pharmaceutical commercial TV that offers a cure… not really… It’s usually a promise of relief of symptoms along with a very long list of possible side-effects and complications. Dulling the body’s reaction through the use of medication is not a cure.

Like put a piece of black electrician’s tape over the check engine light on your car. Masking symptoms is not diagnosing and finding a real fix.

Last year, I sustained a concussion in an automobile accident. The head trauma caused a visual distortion for several months and the ophthalmologist and the optical department at a large hospital was unable to correct my vision. The doctor finally said, “Give it time, come back in 3 months and we’ll see how you are.” What was she relying on to help me? Physical therapy, no. Medication? No. She was hoping and relying on my own body for figure out how to make the needed adjustments and repairs.

And guess what? It worked! In 3 months, a new optical prescription was written that allowed me to do my work on the computer. No medication, a little vestibular physical therapy and my own body as doctor.

Rest, wholesome nutrition and time.

So, it is with our bodies and our personal health.

The design of our bodies is nothing short of magnificent. Each of us is engineered with a far superior design than Bill Gates’ high-tech mansion.

Would it surprise you to know that there are at least 500 million bio-chemical transactions taking place every second of every minute of every hour of every day of your life? Yes, if you are alive, you have a LOT going on! With over 100 trillion cells at your disposal, you have great, great potential to do really great things!

Can things go wrong with our health? Of course…

Can things go right with our health? Every single day and all-day long.

Herein lies the dilemma: Most of us, like it or not, take the wonders of existence for granted or worse. We complain. In fact, we’re so healthy, mostly, we never even think about it!

Some see the glass as half empty. We tend to moan and groan about what’s not working well. It’s not even that it’s half empty. It’s more like, “hey, his glass has more than my glass. Not fair!”

If one persists in this type of attitude and it’s easy to become a pessimist. For the pessimist, things can and usually will get worse. What we fear can overtake us…we’re basically creating those outcomes by giving so much attention to what’s wrong with us without considering or contemplating all the things that are working well!

The cure for pessimism…

Cultivating the Big Three: Gratitude, Compassion and Forgiveness

I don’t have space to elaborate in this article, however, let’s just say that if you are grateful upon awakening each morning, if you are compassionate with the souls around you during the day and can let go of injustice and wrongdoing and forgive others and yourself as your head touches the pillow, you will be living a life of optimal health.

Sounds philosophical I know. I’ll finish this thought by saying, unequivocally, your beliefs are fundamental to your outcomes.

Most bad outcomes can be prevented. And it’s so much easier to prevent heart disease or cancer than it is to try to cure it.  

I am encouraging a holistic approach with a keen eye on how to live longer, and how to live better without the need of synthetic chemical medications but rather using a health philosophy to prevent and not even need a cure.

What I teach as a health philosophy is “M.E.D.S.” I’ll explain in a minute.

I am not a fan of trying to medicate our way to health.

Doctors statistically are not a healthy group of people, nor are nurses. They tend to work in very stressful environments. Too much stress aggravates weaknesses in the body. For the most part, doctors do not enjoy and are not trained in “healthy lifestyle habits.” Nor do they have time to teach patients how to eat properly and may not know themselves. Yet, so much of health is based on nutrition and lifestyle. What did Hippocrates say, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine, thy food.”

So, what does true health care really look like? Let’s go Back to the M.E.D.S. paradigm.

M is for Mind State or our innermost beliefs. Our state of mind is the governor that controls the throttle of the engine.

We can only progress and move forward according to the limitations of where our beliefs will allow us to go. In my analogy, the governor is set to not allow a higher rate of burn than what is deemed safe by the designer of your go-kart. That is your body and mine. Yet we, by our decisions based on beliefs, can modify the design. We can change outcomes by changing beliefs, just as much as we can gain healthy results by modifying what we eat.

Our beliefs are established and in our formative years. I really and truly wish that parents understood that every word, every action, every interaction with a child is writing the governing program of the child’s life. Later in life, as teenagers and adults we get some chances and opportunities to “reprogram.” We learn lessons, we adapt, we can make subtle changes.

I love the moral of the story of Roger Bannister and the 4-minute mile. No one in modern times had been able to run a mile in under 4 minutes. For decades, athletes, doctors and scientists “believed” that it wasn’t physiologically possible. That is until Roger Bannister did it in 1954. Within weeks several others had also done it. The myth was dispelled and with that, other people began to believe it was possible. In a little over fifty years over 1,000 people have run the mile in under four minutes.

My solution to the very high triglycerides issue was not prescription medication. I intended to find a way, through nutrition, to offset the extra fats being stored by my body… The answer, as most true answers are, was simple. I began a regimen of high-potency Omega-3 fish oil. Getting the right kind of fats in my diet, solved the fats in the blood problem. For 13 years, I’ve stuck to this single supplement as the basis for lowering and keeping my triglycerides in check. Within 3 months, my triglycerides were down over 300 points. From Very High to Borderline.

This substantial shift complemented my inner belief in natural order. It wasn’t long before I saw the need to make highly effective, easy to adopt supplements programs available at a reasonable cost. Here’s what some of my clients say:

Sam writes in: I have a success story for you! I started taking the True Omega-3, then after several months I changed my diet to paleo and also started moderate exercise. For the past 20+ years my cholesterol has typically been in the low 200’s ranging consistently from 206- 228. I recently had blood work done and after adding True Omega-3, changing my diet and adding some exercise, in less than 6 months my cholesterol dropped to 129! Leading a healthy lifestyle with True Omega-3 definitely pays off!

Here’s a recent comment from Lisa B.: I've been purchasing the High Potency True Omega-3 for quite a while now and it’s been worth every penny! Would recommend to all and will be purchasing again. I use it to reduce triglycerides which it has done and continues to do! Great Product!

True Omega-3® is our formula and brand of fish oil that is of high potency and very effective in helping to provide your body with essential fats needed for optimal health. We make our True Omega-3 available for less than 15 cents a capsule so that even those on limited income can benefit from this cornerstone of health. (It’s easy to buy: Use promo AMAZING25 TO GET 25% OFF)

Back to M.E.D.S.

From the rich soil of a positive Mind State, the next 3 letters of the MEDS formula blossom:

E is for exercise: get more, do more and be smart about it. No, we don’t work in the fields like our ancestors, we sit in chairs at desks. But now we have gyms. And swimming pools. And social groups of people that walk together in the local malls. There are parks open to roam about in. There are thousand ways to get more and do more if you want a better outcome. I personally found out that I like to swim. I swim for 20 minutes five days a week and I swing a kettlebell about 4 minutes a day. Not too difficult and not time consuming. Everyone can develop a method of exercising that won’t take very long and is enjoyable. But start with believing it’s possible. (See how belief and mind state are intertwined?) When I was 18 my great grandfather was in the hospital and would be gone by the end of the week. He was in his nineties. He was lifting his arms above his head and back down. I entered his room. “What are you doing grandpa?” “I am exercising.” He never gave up.

D is for diet. Yes, we all diet. You are on a diet right now. It’s what you eat and when you eat and how much you eat. That’s diet. A diet is a method of eating. All 7 billion of us use food to nourish ourselves. I should point out that all life forms eat. The problem as you know is that not all “food” is nourishment. Processed foods have been engineered to be addictive using those white substances, like sugar and salt to induce cravings which is a part of the brain chemical addiction cycle. In the 1980s, industry answered the government’s call to reduce fat in the diet as if all fats are bad for you. The food industry complied and “betcha can’t eat just one” was born. That’s a problem which we won’t belabor now.

The simple solution is to shop the perimeter of the supermarket where the refrigerated foods are on display. If it can spoil and go bad, it’s probably nourishing for your body. The aisles are filled with processed food that will never spoil because bacteria ignore this so-called food. Nothing to eat there. It’s not nourishment. If bacteria won’t eat it, should you?

As much as is possible eat real food, not too much and you can stay healthy.

S stands for Sleep. The regenerative process is based on our ability to do repairs to our bodies in the sleep state. The immunity system contained in your gut is hard at work devising and implementing circulatory, glandular and organ repairs, usually within the first two hours of falling asleep. If you need help sleeping refer back to M for mind state and identify what is stressing you out. Make sure to keep electronics and light sources out of the bedroom. There’s more tips about how to get the sleep you need in other articles.

M.E.D.S. is a holistic paradigm for staying healthy. This is the simplicity and utter beauty of M.E.D.S.

I want you to be healthy. There might be a handful of nutritional supplements that can kickstart your journey towards optimal health and I’d be happy to help you with that.

Remember you are a 100 Trillionaire and each one of those cells is an entire universe of infinite possibility. So, value the immensity of your health / wealth and use it for good!

My top supplements RECOMMENDATIONS:

True Omega-3
Vitamin D3
Vitamin C









You can get in touch with me for more health recommendations and stories at 877-572-3444 or get my book Inspired Health Journeys for free, just cover shipping. www.merzola.com/freebook


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