No one wants to die of this!

No one wants to die of this!

The Condition Known as 'The Widow Maker'

The Bible says, "the life is in the blood..." and this is true. Without a decent blood supply all kinds of bad things happen. 

This goes for blood supply in the least capillaries to the main arteries supplying the heart with blood. Without blood, things die. 

From the so called Widow Maker to a lack of supply to your feet due to capillary damage, cells begin to die. 

Blood has two jobs:

1) to supply oxygen and nutrients to cells which includes from the very top of your scalp to the very bottom of your feet and EVERY CELL in-between. Big job. 

2) to extract waste material such as carbon dioxide from the cells and expel it from the cells and the body. You know that you have to eliminate waste everyday. You sweat some of it out, you urinate and defecate to remove unwanted, unneeded and even poisonous material from the body. If you don't, you get sic, then very sick, you get nauseous, you realize you're toxic, then you die without intervention.

Here's how one interventionist cardiologist explains the Widow Maker: "There are three arteries that run over the surface of the heart and supply it with blood. There is one artery on the right side and two arteries on the left side of the heart. The one on the right is known as the right coronary.  On the left side, which is the main side, we have the left anterior descending (LAD) that runs down the front of the heart and supplies the front and main wall, and then the left circumflex that supplies the side wall. When the main artery down the front of the heart (LAD) is totally blocked or has a critical blockage, right at the beginning of the vessel, it is known as the Widow Maker. (The medical term for this is a proximal LAD lesion). No one knows exactly who came up with the term, but the reason they did is likely that if that artery is blocked right at the beginning of its course, then the whole artery after it goes down. This essentially means that the whole front wall of the heart goes down. As far as heart attacks go, this is a big one, with big consequences if not dealt with appropriately; it’s why we take it so seriously."

No blood. Big problem. You may have minutes, you may have an few hours, but without blood, irreversible damage can occur. Now, that being said, scientists are now investigating if stem cells may be able to be injected into the heart to repair deceased heart tissue. But seriously, why go there? Why wait until it comes to that?

Cliche as it is, "an ounce of prevention is worth..." You know the rest, but I want you to say it in your own mind. 

This website and our mission, my mission is to prevent heart disease and prevent widow makers. How? Utterly simple, if not easy...

Anyone who is 55 + needs to be taking an adequate dose of Omega-3 Fish oil daily. You may already know this or have been told to do this. Or maybe you never heard this. In any case, I'm giving you the clarion call this minute. Things that are short-term 'urgent', we do, but tend to let go, take for granted or just get lazy and negligent about things that aren't immediate. 

People still hold in common the myth that cholesterol blocks arteries and causes heart disease. If you got 50% right on a Math test in 6th grade would you call that an A or an F? When I was in the sixth grade anything under 70% was failing. It could be that 0% is an F now and anything above that is passing. I don't know. But that's not how it works in the real world. You know that. 

Blaming heart disease on cholesterol is only half right. The other half? 


That's your blood on fire fueled by systemic inflammation which is caused by irritants and pathogens invading and attacking your body. Where do these inflammation inducing particulants enter the body? 

It's the air you breathe and the food you eat. It's the outside world seeking to use you as a host to create a zombie. 

Polluted air and processed food. It's the outside world breaching the walls of your defenses. 

So don't smoke. Carcinogens will kill. Don't jog on roads with cars and trucks passing by... I cringe every time I see people thinking they are doing good by sucking in diesel. Let just say it: OMG! Stop it. 

Solutions: The perimeter of the supermarket contains the refrigeration units that keep fresh food fresh... If you leave a McDonald's hamburger on the counter top it will not rot. Leave it for years. The bread, the patty. It's full of preservatives. It might become dehydrated but bacteria will not eat it. Therefore it stands to reason we should not eat that either. In the vernacular, we call this "junk food."

All the chemicals we consume that are not meant to be consumed get lodged around the body in fat cells and pollute the river of life, the blood. Your immunity system sets off the alarms, the bells are ringing. Things in the body start aching. Blood, arteries and capillaries have no way to alert your brain that the basement is on fire. 

This type of inflammation can go on for years and your amazing body initiates counter measures, the liver starts producing an over abundance of cholesterol, think fire retardant, and begins 'fixing' things. Correcting breaches in the arteries, patching potholes on the arterial highway, etc. 

When you have a 95% blockage in a main artery, you begin forming new capillaries around the heart to make "detours" to get some blood to the heart. You don't consciously order this to happen. It's your native intelligence or God or nature. Whatever you think of your body and how you got here, you've got to be amazed at the more than 500 million chemical actions that take place every second. 


One day, a client called me and ordered 6 bottles of True Omega-3. I was congratulating him on a smart decision and said something about "avoiding heart attacks.." He said, "I already had my heart attack." "Oh," I said. "Yes, my cardiologist said to keep taking the Omega-3 because, had I not been taking it, I would have died. The Omega-3 had allowed blood to bypass the blocked artery and keep the heart minimally nourished so that I didn't die. I thought it was stupid to keep taking it since it didn't prevent the heart attack, but my doctor said, it's why I am alive." 

That's the bottom line. 

We all find ourselves in situations where we don't always eat properly. Some are habituated to junk food and rarely eat properly. 

Lifestyle solutions do work. Cleaning out the kitchen and cleaning up the diet work. That should be done. Detoxing begins in the kitchen. Getting rid of the white stuff... sugar, white flour, etc. Learning how to prepare and eat veggies. Understanding the role of protein, fiber, carbs, fats. Yes, there are good fats and bad. There's a time for carbs and a time for fats. Learning a workout regimen that works for you. All these lifestyle issues take some time to learn and try and experiment and perform. However in the meantime, you can take a high potency Omega-3 fish oil twice a day, morning and evening as a immediate intervention. 

It may save your life as it did for "Joe" mentioned above. 

Widowmaker or True Omega-3, it's a choice. 

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