Day 10: Lessons in self-defense. The road to enlightenment is tricky...

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Today’s Lesson: Lessons in self-defense. The road to enlightenment is tricky...

I am a father. Probably at the very center of my heart is a spot for protecting my brood. I have girls and boys. On July 10 in just a few days, my youngest daughter will turn 21. I don't worry about the boys very much. I used to, but not anymore. They are all athletes and have studied martial arts and have developed good social skills.  One of my sons was doing 1000 pushups a day in high school (It was a rough school...)  I still worry about my girls. I want them to be safe and to be happy and well-grounded and maybe my secret wish is that they can take care of themselves in their personal relations.  The girls are all athletic too.  Scrappy, opinionated and strong. So why do I worry? Even a rose garden has plenty of thorns. 

When I look at the world, I am an optimist. I see all the amazing technological breakthroughs and I am wowed! Watch National Geographic or Discovery and be amazed.

I also study history and look for patterns of human behavior. I see good things all around me and on the horizon. That's my natural inclination. If I see something bad, I look for the good. Natural reaction. This is not to say that pessimists and skeptics aren't needed too. The optimist invents the airplane, the pessimist invents the parachute. 200 years ago, 90% of the world's population was in poverty, now 90% is living in relative comfort. We still need to improve and get closer to 100% but the human condition dictates, we may not ever reach 100% because of our ability to make choices. 

As a kid, I was always the youngest and smallest in my class. With a December birthday, I started school at age 5 years and 8 months, and we had plenty of 6 year old kids who had tall parents! Cool thing was since I was in Catholic school, I got to lead all religious processions since they lined us up from smallest to tallest. I was thrust into a position of leadership from a young age. Ha. 

So I am dancing around with all kinds of thoughts of where this post is going, but let me cut to the chase. No matter how well trained, even in self-defense, a person can make mistakes. 

Here are the 3 most common mistakes humanoids make when in a dangerous confrontation or situation: (a bit of foul language, don't let that take you out. The warnings and examples are important.)

Watch Dan Lok

In 4th grade, one of the big kids delighted in waling on my back with his fists at lunch time. I was a 4 eyes and didn't have any way to defend myself. One Saturday, I was walking by the church, the doors were opened. Custodian was waxing the floors. I entered, knelt and prayed. God do something. I don't want to get hit in the back on Monday. 

On Monday, my personal bully was at school. But he never hit me again. His arm was in a cast. Just saying. Don't mess with me! 

Hope this helps.

Garey Simmons
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