Day 11: Patterns

Common themes abound. Don't miss the patterns...

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Today’s Lesson: Common themes abound. Don't miss the patterns...

Maybe you've noticed this too. There are common themes that repeat often. Recognizing these patterns give us a means to be able to be more effective. And remember first principles. 

The last couple of weekends the television has been off.  How good it feels to have stuff to do that is more important than sitting around watching the 'idiot box'. That's what we called in back in the day. Of course, if we have managed our responsibilities, then relaxation and enjoying a show isn't a bad thing. The word "amusement" means "away from thinking" and in some respects it's a healthy thing to take a break from thinking / worrying about problems. There are many educational shows on Discovery and Nat Geo that are fascinating. 

Last night, I started the Cosmos series from 2014 with Neil deGrasse Tyson. What got me thinking about repeating patterns was a statement he made about observing the infinitesimal to the infinite. The idea that an atom's design is similar to our solar system's arrangement, similar to our galaxy and not unlike the cluster our galaxy belongs to. The pattern keeps repeating to the "known universe" which may only be a drop in a much greater construct than we can even observe. This concept is known as the "multiverse." This is the point where science becomes philosophical. 

My gleaning from this awareness is that if we can connect with the energy that is within the universe of our own body with its  trillions of cells, then we have a chance at being in harmony with the larger universe. By the way, scientists can only estimate the numbers of cells in a body. The standard average is said to be 37.2 trillion. The range is from 15 to 70 trillion depending if you calculate by weight or by volume. 

If we concede that "everything is energy" at the most base level, it stands to reason that being in harmony with the energy around you can give you better health. Being in disharmony with our nutrition, our family, colleagues, work,  or our life's purpose will sap energy and reduce our chances of being healthy or successful in our life's work. 

So watch for the patterns of things. With thousands of stimuli bombarding us every second, our brains have to filter out 99% of it. Taking time to observe what is around us, making small steps to improve our environment can exponentially influence our outcomes. 

How do we measure? By remembering our first principles.  Those immutable laws that are the foundation of what we know. I can't tell you about your first principles but some basics are:

The Golden Rule: Do to others as you'd have them do to you
Love thy neighbor as thyself

So here are some quick takeaways: 
1. patterns are everywhere and leave clues about truth
2. many decisions we make are based on past experiences that are wrapped in our DNA and may not be conscious thoughts
3. take small steps to improve your environment daily
4. if you practice random acts of kindness towards others, you'll start to notice a pattern of good things boomerang back to you

Hope this helps.

Garey Simmons
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