Day 15...Detox: Good stuff in and bad stuff out

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Today’s Lesson: Detox: Good stuff in and bad stuff out
Our bodies are detoxing all the time. You don't have to "go on a detox", rest assured you are detoxing right now. 
When you breathe in you are accepting and expecting the air you breathe to provide you with oxygen. When you breathe out you are detoxing. All the metabolic waste the blood picks up at the cellular level is leaving your body through your lungs as you breathe out carbon dioxide. Some leaves via the lymph system and some pollutants and waste materials leave the body through sweat, urination and defecation. There is no pretty way to say it. Sorry. I know we prefer some of this to be very private and for good reason. 

There are a few ways to deal with detoxification. 

Exercise and saunas produce sweat. Exercising can be done in public. Of course, if you jog or bicycle to work, you'd like to have a shower and a change of clothes with you so you don't overpower colleagues with body odor. Yes, your sweat is carrying out all kinds of toxic material. 

Remember, the lymph system is hydraulic. There is no pump. The blood had a pump, the heart. The lymph system relies on movement. Jumping rope or rebounding can exponentially increase the movement of waste out of the body.

Digestion and elimination are also integral to elimination of toxins. It's all part of one system with many sub-systems. 

Did you know you lose about a half a pound of dead skins cells everyday?

The precursor to detoxing is not to overly stress the body with toxic materials. This includes what you eat and drink. The more toxins you consume, the harder your body has to work to eliminate the toxins. Stay away from jelly donuts if you don't mind. 

Lastly, you can be your own worst enemy but simply thinking the wrong thoughts and creating anxiety and stress in your life. Remember the little book: Don't sweat the small stuff? That's kind of insightful, that if you sweat the small stuff you are making your body work a lot harder than necessary. 

Eat, drink and think the good stuff. 

One of my fitness coaches in the early days of my awakening had me write out everything I ate in a week. If you have to write down everything you put in your mouth and show it someone else, I guarantee you will begin to think twice before you down 4 slices of pepperoni pizza. (Which I used to do quite often.) 

After reviewing my list, he said, "if you keep eating like this you will have to spend twice the amount of time working out than if you modified your intake just a little bit." 
Affirmation: My body is clean and I hold myself accountable to keep it that way. 

Quick Takeaways:
1. Eat clean food. Hydrate and drink pure water 
2. Exercise / sweat daily / Movement of all types is accepted
3. Think right. Don't take yourself out of the game by unruly, negative thoughts. You are better than that. 

  • It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you. Rumi.

Hope this helps.

I'll be honest with you. There is a lot more to share on detox. Check for tomorrow's followup on DETOX. 

Garey Simmons
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