Day 17: Detox: It's Simple and Easy

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Today’s Lesson: It's Simple and Easy

I've been sharing with you about detoxification. And you are already doing it so don't worry. Pro athletes, celebrities will pay mucho money to fly down to Costa Rica and be supervised by doctors and yoga instructors to do a 2 week juice cleanse and flush out their livers and lose 20 lbs or more. It's very hard on the body and plenty of people "go crazy" and get violent under such duress. The community aids in keeping up the encouragement but it's Hard with a capital H. 

A much easier way to detox is what you do already
1. breathe (deeply)
2. walk (a lot) 
3. drink (plenty of clean water) 
4. eat fiber (plenty) 
5. get sweaty at least once a day (that might be the only hard one to do) 
6. Think good thoughts (avoid negativity) 

If you don't consume toxins you won't have to eliminate them. Unfortunately, medications are usually toxic. Every drug approved by the FDA has a number called the LD50. It stands for Lethal Dose 50.

The LD50 (the lethal dose for 50 percent of the animals tested) of a poison is usually expressed in milligrams of chemical per kilogram of body weight (mg/kg). ... The danger, or risk of adverse effect of chemicals, is mostly determined by how they are used, not by the inherent toxicity of the chemical itself. 

While it's applied to household products and poisons, it's also applied to pharmacology. That's why the best way to deal with toxic substances is to avoid them if possible with the allowance that it's not always possible. 

If you follow the 6 steps outlined above you won't have to go to Costa Rica and spend tens of thousands of dollars to get ready for the next movie shoot. 

Quick Takeaways:
1. Practice consciously breathing deeply 10 minutes a day. The more you practice, you'll find you will begin to do it more regularly. You've got plenty of minutes. 
2. Walk in nature or a park if possible. Don't walk along side busy roads or highways. Too many hydrocarbons trying to get into your lungs. 
3. Remember Flynt, MI and buy a water filter. 
4. All veggies, nuts, beans, etc contain fiber. Dietary fibers are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
5. It takes about 10 minutes of exercise for the sweat glands to get pumping. Jumping rope or rebounding (easier on the knees) has the added benefit of getting the lymph system engaged. 
6. It does come down to your mental discipline and attitude. You can get plenty of motivation and uplifting things to watch on Youtube. I pay $10 a month for Youtube Red, so I don't have to watch ads and I can share and download with one click. I have to watch something when I am climbing the stairmaster. It's too boring otherwise. Sometimes I watch motivational stuff or sometimes, I just watch funny stuff or inspiring dance videos with upbeat music. 

  • Your boundaries are your quest... Rumi.

Hope this helps.

Garey Simmons
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