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Today’s Lesson: Angular Views of Detox

While I know this is not a popular topic "Detox", I have a few more things that must be said, then I'll close my pie hole and leave you alone to do what you need to do. 

Detox begins in your kitchen. 

Cleanse your kitchen. This is how to go about it in glorious fashion. 
On any given Saturday or Sunday, pick out your favorite jams, your Springsteen, your Hendrix, Adele, or those other two favorites: Country and Western. Something with movement. Crank it up on your speakers and start detoxing your kitchen. The first thing to go after is the "white" stuff. The coke, the sugar, the bleached flour, the candy, the ice cream, the potato chips, etc. Toss it out. Get rid of it. You can't eat it if it's not there. Better to feed it to the garbage then to continue using your stomach as a garbage container. Once the kitchen is clean, go to the store and by the healthy stuff. Mostly, that's going to be in the fresh produce and meat and dairy sections. You can go for some protein bars and the like. Buy the coconut milk, the almond milk, the frozen fruit and veggies, the whey protein powder you'll need for your protein shakes. But for two weeks, you are going to eat clean. Make it a vow. A promise. A commitment. 

If you feel really ambitious you can fast from solid foods and just juice for one day, two days or more. The really cool thing about fasting is that food tastes so amazing when you go back to solid food after the fast. Let's say you fast for 3 days and then your break your fast by chomping on a carrot. The first thing you will be amaze by is how sweet that carrot really is. It's truly amazing. It was like a revelation to me!

Detox via Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy
This is not cheap or easy to do at home. But it should be done at home daily. Let me explain. This type of therapy proliferates in Europe but is still controversial in the US. I've been using it on myself to over a year now. With one device in particular, there is a sleep setting that will run for 2 hours as you go to sleep and is set to return to life 2 hours before you awake. It's better than an alarm clock. 
The medical device company explains you can't use the sleep setting unless you have been doing two 8 minute sessions a day for at least 3 months. Why? Because you have to detox for that length of time before you can  tolerate the sleep cycle. 
So that's what I did. Two 8 minute sessions a day for 3 months, then I was able to do one sleep session a week until I built up my ability to sleep with it every night. It takes time. 

Why PEMF is considered a detox?
The device I use has an energy output of 10 herz and 30 herz. That is a very low number. As in homeopathy, less is more in this cause when you are seeking to influence capillaries. An Iphone that you hold next to your head on your ear emits 1100 herz. What does this low emission of 10 to 30 herz do? It moves blood. What does blood do? It delivers oxygen to cells throughout the entire body. It also picks up carbon dioxide and other metabolic waste materials to be removed from the body, through the lungs, the lymph, the stool and urine. I have two stories of personal proof of what its done for me, but that'll be for another day. (You can read more at

Quick Takeaways:
1. Imagine your kitchen is your stomach. What do you really want to put in it?
2. PEMF is controversial, it's not a drug which makes it controversial 
3. We Americans think more and bigger is better. It's not the case in most of nature. Little acorns produce enormous oak trees. Stimulate the body with a little PEMF and the body responds in a large way. 

  • “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi

Hope this helps.

Garey Simmons
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