Day 20 ... It's Your Personal Eco-System That Makes the Difference

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Today’s Lesson: It's Your Personal Eco-System That Makes the Difference

We are all well aware that what you put into your mouth, your nutrition, affects your health. How you eat, what you eat and when you eat, has an impact your results and health outcomes. 

As important as it is, it's much more important to pay attention and even control the input that goes into your head. By that I mean what you watch on TV, what you read, whose opinions you trust. 

You may have heard of experiments where plants were bathed in symphony music and grew healthily and plants that were subjected to harsh acid rock and didn't fare near as well. Not only was the growth affected but the plants even grew towards or away from the source of the music. Guess which ones grew toward the source?

In the physical nutrition model, we can say and verify what goes in, affects what comes out.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Healthy nutrition yields healthy results.

Yes, McDonald's 3 times a day will make you obese. A two week cleanse will help you lose weight and have more energy. 

It works that same for test papers in college as it does in the work place in results that move the goals of the company forward or cause the company to lose business. It's the difference between A on the paper and a C-.

You reap what you sow. 

What goes in the formation of your beliefs affect the results of your life. If you don't like the results you are getting, reverse engineer what you are doing and see if things can be modified and made to yield better results. 

Don't subject yourself to needless garbage that brings negativity. Pick and choose your friends and circle of five, carefully. 

If you want more friends, be friendlier. 

The principle works the same in every facet of life. 

  • The sea itself is one thing, the foam another;  Rumi.

Hope this helps.

Garey Simmons
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