Day 8 Ingenuity - Act on your ideas! And your ideals.

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Today’s Lesson: Ingenuity - Act on your ideas! And your ideals.

This morning July 4, 2018, I turn on the TV while I make my coffee. There's a guy on the Plaza in NYC writing out the names of the fallen in Afghanistan from memory. It's impressive. While he is writing out the names, family members of the fallen visit and share with him stories of their loved ones, who they were, how they were and what their memory means to them.

I didn't get the gentleman's name but this is his website. He is recruiting visitors to share the podcasts of the stories he's heard on our social media. So I thought I'd answer the call and share it with you. 

What I admire about his effort is that he is using his talent (twice USA Memory Champion) to further a cause bigger than himself. 

You know we are time travelers. We are traveling through time at the rate of 24 hours per day. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow never comes, it's only the present we have within our grasp. My hope is that we can be present in the present. Be with those that grieve. Volunteer to spread love and happiness. Take care of those who are within our sphere of influence

Happy July 4th! Thank those around you for being around you. 

Hope this helps.

Garey Simmons
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