Heart Health

The heart of the matter is your heart... Make no mistake, 3,300,000,000 (over three billion ...beats in 80 years)... the heart is a work horse that just doesn't give up...If you want to ensure a healthy heart make it an intention that you will take care to nourish your heart...You can get in touch with me and ask for recommendations...877-572-3444

Things to look out for:


... Heart Power Multi can be extremely beneficial is you are facing a risk of heart failure... Several octogenarians have reported back have a new lease on life...the blend of herbs is what we call heart-centric and support heart energy...

---High Blood Pressure is the boogeyman of heart health... Hyperlose... a synergistic blend of herbs designed to lower blood pressure... Also consider yoga or other stress relieving lifestyle adaptations... call me if you need help...Also for HBP, it's imperative to take a high potency omega-3 product, check out ours...

Ubiquinol CoQ10 is a must for anyone over 40 who values energy at every level...don't be fooled by CoQ10 that is called Ubiquinone... a subtle difference but massive difference in effectiveness...


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