Auto Ship Subscription Services

Subscriptions Services are for you! 

Auto Ship is our least expensive option for buying supplements. The instant savings comes in the form of "Free Shipping" plus a 5% to 15% discount automatically subtracted from your price. 

The main reason to use auto ship besides the financial savings, is the "never run out of needed supplements" guarantee. 

If you know your regimen and it's working for you, then you don't want to run out and you need an easy way to make sure you have what you need on hand. 

Here's an example: I own a dietary supplement company. For years, I had the warehouse and easy access to all the supplements I needed. A few years ago I moved the warehouse to a fulfillment center, a few hundred miles away. 

I take True Omega-3 everyday. I take EpiCor everyday. EpiCor is an amazing immunogen support therapy to maintain a balanced immune system. It's really just a high powered fermented brewer's yeast. It's one capsule a day. For 13 years I have near perfect health with no colds and no flus, however, I did run out one month and got too busy to reorder it from my own store. The next month I was overseas and the 8 hours on the plane back I came down with strep throat. Had I been on my usual dose of EpiCor, had I been signed up for my own autoship process, I wouldn't have been off of my regimen and more than likely I would not have had to suffer through a strep throat infection. 

So get the supplements that you really need to keep you healthy. Our most popular autoships are True Omega-3 and EpiCor. It just makes sense, it costs less and you don't have to log in to the website or remember to order, pull out your credit card and all that.

It's what you do with your electricity and phone service. You don't have to order, they just keep the supply coming. 

Of course you can pause or cancel or amend your order at anytime and it's easy. 

Call 877-572-3444 at anytime to learn more.