Health Questionnaire

This may not be for you, but then again...

Quite frankly, this may not be for you. What you may know about me is that I own two websites that pertain to Baby Boomer Health: Optimal Health Bridge (why, because, most of us desire to be as healthy as we can be and most of us need a little road map and a little help over the bridge to get there) and the Heart Health Store, (I only started this recently and there are some neat things I could do on this site that wasn't easy to do on the other.) 

I've written three books and published them on Amazon. Two of them hit #1 in selected categories. So what? Means nothing if you don't read. I am also the father of 10 children... Don't ask..."What was he thinking?" 

I am also known as the Baby Boomer Health Coach. I am 64. I know what you are going through. I consider it my job to help Baby Boomers be healthier (and happier.) Let's face it, when stuff starts breaking down, what's your doctor going to do for you? Prescribe some drugs and tell you to eat healthy? 

Okay, that's enough about me. What about you?

Are you as healthy as you want to be?

Do you know the 4 pillars of baby boomer health?

Do you want to know or even care how to live a healthier life free of chronic diseases of aging?

Do you want to dance at your kids weddings and graduations? How about your grand kids?

As I said, this may not be for you. But for $9, I will work for you for 60 minutes, personally.

Yes, that's not just cheap but it's stupid cheap. If you have $9 to spare, I'll make this deal with you: 

You will need to spend about 5 minutes filling up a health questionnaire. Very basic, very standard. I will study your questionnaire for 30 minutes and then I will schedule a 30 minute call with you... to go over the 4 pillars of baby boomer health and help you apply it to your own situation.  Deal?

Garey Simmons

PS. I'll make this even more ridiculous, if you take my advice that I share with you in our personal call, I'll refund you the $9 you spent...can I do any better? Okay, if you don't take my advice, and you think I am full of BS, I will refund you the $9 anyway...and thank you for your time. Now you have to do it! 

PPS The form below shows the retail price of $99 for this service. Use coupon code 90 OFF to reduce the cost to $9.00