Lessons on Life - My 90 Day Challenge

Garey SimmonsI gave myself a challenge. Write a Blog post every day for 90 days. You see, I have a lot of ideas. My weakness is getting excited about a project, starting with enthusiasm but then I falter. Nine times out of ten, I don't get through to the end. So this challenge is a training for me to establish a habit of completing what I start out to do. Each day I write something in the morning. I want it to be thought provoking. Most times, you'll see these as reminders, it's not like you don't know the truth when you see it. So this page is sorted and added to each day. The blog page will have the very latest on top. I hope this is of some value and help to you. Oh, you can comment on the articles if you have further insights or questions. 

Day 1 - Life is what you make of it
Day 2 - How to be rich and famous
Day 3If you want to change the world, start by making your bed. 
Day 4 - Accountability Can Make a Difference
Day 5Having a pet in your household is healthier for you especially as you grow older.
Day 6 - Size matters little
Day 7...Words have meaning, but we get to choose the meaning
Day 8 - Ingenuity: Act on your ideas and ideals
Day 9 - On giving and receiving
Day 10 - Self Defense and the road to enlightenment is tricky
Day 11 - Patterns
Day 12 - Defining Beauty: What is it that makes you beautiful?
Day 13 - Ask for help when you need it and lend a hand when you can
Day 14 - Commitment Makes You Stronger
Day 15 -  Detox: Good Stuff in, Bad Stuff Out
Day 16 - Tests for Toxicity
Day 17 - Simple and Easy
Day 18 - Angular Views of Detox
Day 19 - Why Little Things Are Important
Day 20 - It's Your Personal Eco System that Counts
Day 21 - Life on Earth
Day 22 - The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts
Day 23 - Mountains and Valleys
Day 24 - Inspiration
Day 25 - Politics! Pshaw!



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