Advance Digestive Kit

by The Heart Health Store
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1 Kit = One bottle of Advanced Digestive Enzymes and one bottle of Advanced Probiotics. 1 Kit will supplement you for one month.

The Advanced Digestive Kit, is what you need to help with all sorts of stomach and digestive issues. For a few cents a day, the digestive enzymes and probiotics offered by Optimal Health Bridge will make a huge difference to your level of comfort... Get rid of bloating, constipation and even upset stomach...

Try it for 90 days and see whether your issues disappear all together... The initial benefit is having an easier time digesting your food. The ultimate benefit is better health. Your digestive system is a part of your immune system.

Food needs to be completely digested so you can get the nutrition required for you to have the energy you need to live a full and rewarding life.

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